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    We provide full custom golf fittings and sell both new and used golf equipment at an affordable price.

  • Custom Golf Club Fittings

    Contract us today to get your custom fitting. We can fit you for both new and used equipment and we also provide you with many pricing options to choose from.

  • Get a golf lesson today

    Let our staff golf professionals get you the lessons need to gain more yards and accuracy.

Kick Point Golf offers custom golf club fitting, lessons and golf clubs sales. We provide the following services and sales:

  • Custom Golf Fittings
  • We strive to provide you the best equipment at the best price possible. We specialize in knowing the best equipment and recommendations for your specific style of golf.

  • Golf Lessons
  • We provide golf lessons for those that are looking to improve their game. We have PGA Golf Professionals on staff that offer golf lessons at an affordable rate.

  • Golf Equipment Sales
  • We sell both new and used custom golf equipment. We have wide range of used golf equipment as well as used golf equipment for you to choose from. You may be able to save hundreds of dollars on a set of clubs or even start with a used set of heads and custom fit the heads to new shafts to save.

Kick Point Golf uses some of the most advanced custom golf fitting techniques as well as high speed cameras and up to date equipment to provide the best golf fittings and lessons possible. Kick Point Golf is here to lower your golf score and make the game more enjoyable. Check out our website to view the services we offer and don't forget about our online store!